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Postbox Nerd

20230331_102038 Rare Edward VIII box in Penrith

Postbox Nerd

So I've recently been called a postbox nerd and I guess it is true. I've always liked postboxes with their bright red coats. But it was in lockdown that I became more interested. If you google 'postboxes near me' you are directed to a website with a map with all the postboxes on. During lockdown I would orienteer myself around the map and photograph the boxes.
In Whitehaven, I found lots of  Elizabeth II, George V and VI boxes. Edward VII  and Victorian boxes are rarer. There is only one Victorian box left in the environs of Whitehaven and that is located at Quality Corner. There is a very fine Edward VII box at the top of Corkickle near The Chase Hotel.
There are only two of the rare Edward VIII boxes in Cumbria. This week was my first trip to Penrith since Christmas. I was in the beautiful market town to photograph some Georgian buildings around Brunswick Square. I shall be making pen and watercolour paintings of these soon. 
Anyway I made a point of locating the Edward VIII box and with clever balancing of my phone on my purse on the ground I was able to snap a selfie.
I'm trying to visit as many different styles of postbox as I can and then paint them on postcards. I then return to the boxes and send the paintings back to myself through the post. I did say right at the beginning of this blog that I am a postbox nerd and I expect you are currently nodding in agreement.
There was also an attractive George VI wall box to photograph in Brunswick Square.
Many of the small 'hovis' postboxes are being replaced in our area due to having such a small opening or sadly some have been stolen so I have yet to visit one but I do know where there are some still remaining and just haven't got round to them yet. Roll on summer and some more road trips!
I am proud however that I have opened the eyes of many friends to the interesting variety and architectural beauty of the functional postbox. May they continue to exist across our land. Looking forward to seeing a Charles III box. 
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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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